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Katy (Feb 2015)
Katy (Feb 2015)

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by to Southampton Coeliac. My name is Katy and I am a student at Southampton Solent University. This blog has been created in line with one of my course assessments, however I intend to keep this going long past my studies.

I hope to include information about food, great recipes to try, but also safe places for people to eat whilst on a Gluten Free diet!

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Chicken Parma Cups

We’ve all seen them, the cool videos from Buzzfeed. But occasionally a real treasure comes along!

Today’s delight came via a friend of mine, and although not originally gluten free, it is easily adapted, and tastes amazing!

Introducing: Chicken Parma Cups!

Its simple recipe makes for a quick dinner, all you need is:

  • Ready roll puff pastry
  • Chicken (we used gluten free chicken schnitzels, but you can use plain chicken if you want)
  • Ham
  • Tomato puree or tomato sauce
  • Cheese

I also added barbeque sauce in the bottom for an extra tang.

Roll the pastry out thin, and cut into squares, big enough to fill /line a muffin tray compartment. Add in chopped chicken and bake for ~15 mins, until the pastry starts to go golden.  Add the ham, tomato sauce and cheese, then return to the oven for a few extra minutes, and hey presto, one gorgeous meal!

Serve with potatoes, salad, or whatever else takes your fancy.




Here’s the original video!

Review: Stakks Pancake House


Today is opening day at Stakks Pancake House in Southampton. Naturally, spotting gluten free on the menu, I’m straight in! As yet I haven’t found a decent pancake mix, so wanting to try these out!

The menu is simple, yet has a wide variety at the same time, from the simple lemon and sugar to the “Grand Slam Burger Stakk” of burgers, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese! You can even create your own, or adapt set menu items to meet your dietary needs!

There are four bases, the American, crepe, gluten free or even omelette bases (the last two add 50p to the menu and take a little longer to prepare). The staff are knowledgeable too, knowing what ingredients are in each set, and all gluten free batters are prepared for each individual rather than a bulk mix for the others. Gluten free’s are also prepared in a dedicated area and on separate cookers to keep cross contamination at bay.

We are trying two varieties today, mum has settled for the American base “Simple Stakk” of lemon and sugar (so I can’t steal any of hers!) but I’m testing the “Nutella Stakk” of bananas, strawberries and Nutella!


The result is two wonderful plates! The simple stack was presented with a lemon dip to either sprinkle on or dunk for full flavour, and a sickly Nutella heaven piled neatly with fruit and powdered sugar! Mum tasted mine, and said there was no difference in taste between them! Eating on their own, they do require the flavours but other than that these are a new favourite place to come!

There is a variety of drinks available too, from teas and coffees, to Pepsi, fruit juices and smoothies and milkshakes served in jam jar mugs!

image image

Guess what… You can even book birthday parties here too! For a minimum group of 8, the organiser and birthday person eats free!

We were also given a loyalty card, and can receive a stamp each time you visit, fill the card and the entire meal is free! What better excuse to keep coming in and eating wonderful pancakes do you need?

Try out Stakks at Marlands Shopping Center, Upper Floor, Southampton!

Review: MSC Preziosa

So unfortunately I have been kept away from here recently, and after 12th May when all my uni assignments are submitted, I hope to be back on track. I have stocked up loads of new recipies and have a few more interviews lined up ready to share with you all!!

One of my last posts mentioned my chance to go on board MSC Preziosa for a week, and I have just come back from that. Oh My WORD! I have never experienced cruising before but now I am HOOKED! Based in the western Mediterranean, and stops in Italy, Spain, and France, the food on board the ship reflected that.

Breakfast could either be served to the cabins (depending on the cabin booked) or you could go and have an all you can eat buffet. We were lucky to experience both, and there was a lot of choice in the buffet! Cereals, fruit, breads, and cooked breakfasts available. As for gluten free, there was (surprisingly for a buffet) a good choice. Bread was a little difficult to find, but I coped well on rice crackles, fruit and occasionally some bacon,

11185749_10153080579893241_1596457599_nAs for lunch, we either ate out, or could experience the buffet on board the ship. (This buffet is open 20 hours in the day, so you can eat whenever you wanted!) However, I do need to do a massive shoutout to McDonalds in Italy and Spain. Twice, as a treat and as I haven’t eaten them for over a year now, I could experience a Gluten Free Hamburger! Staff were well trained for this, and immediately the gloves went on, the bun came out of a packet, toasted in little bags, and all formed within the green box. Why the UK hasn’t brought this in I have no idea, but there we go.

As for dinner, wow. Well each night had a theme, whether it was Italian night, Gala night or just a casual affair. There was a dedicated menu for gluten free, and the waiters were very attentive, making sure that no other breads were served to me, that any drinks ordered were alright for me to drink. I didn’t expect to have a roll for my dinner, so when a hot roll was served to me I was 11186383_10153080579883241_902785585_nvery surprised! It was very tasty, but like most, best to eat while it was still hot. If left to cool, it did dry out a little.

Main courses were themed on the night, Italian night had foods that were red, white and green, Gala nights had spectacular presentation. Actually every night had great presentation! Even the variation between normal and gluten free foods wasn’t that different. Yes there was slightly less choice, but still enough to be able to choose up to 5 courses!

Pudding for us normally consisted of ice cream (We’re in Italy! We couldn’t resist!) but there were other cakes, tarts and pies available too. To be honest, I couldn’t fault the food at all, and in the entire time I was on board, I never had any issues with food. One of the bars was even dedicated gluten free! All the alcohol, cocktails and snacks were free from gluten. Much as I wanted too, I couldn’t spend all trip just sampling that bar…

So if anyone wants to experience a cruise, I would definitely recommend MSC Preziosa, and maybe I shall get to try out a few other cruise liners and see how they provide for us!




Happy Easter!!!!

T11117775_10153016181578241_1542692794_nhis Easter sees me nearing my 1st year milestone, and searching the shops for Easter eggs was a lot easier than I thought. Knowing what I already could and couldn’t have, meant I just avoided those eggs! But with other things on our minds, we left buying them a little too late. We had already bought a pack of hunt sized eggs, so we just added one of the £1 eggs each. Whilst mum went for the Smarties egg, and all the Cadburys “safe” eggs gone, we were please to discover Kinnertons eggs had a handy label saying “No Nasties!” on! That appealed to my gluten free side, and the Star Wars packing appealed to the geek in me! All round winner!

So I hope you all have a fantastic, safe Easter, don’t get too sick from all that chocolate, and hope the Nasties stay away too!

Katy xx

Sainsburys Cafe – New Gluten Free Rolls

So I got a little overexcited today when I went in to Sainsburys cafe in Shirley, Southampton. (Yes, two days of excitement, not good!!) Mum and I were meeting my auntie for a catch up, and stopped in the cafe, as you do! Looking around, normally theres a few odd free from bits by the tills, and as we weren’t really stopping for lunch, by 11am I was hungry. I had been at work since 4am, so that probably counts for it!

The usual free from brownies weren’t there, and I’m not a lover of the bakewell tarts, so decided to stick with some Kettle chip crisps. Whilst I was choosing flavours, mum had asked if they had gluten free bread. They hadn’t on previous occasions, but my attention caught when the cashier said “Not bread, but we have gluten free rolls.” She showed me where they should be but were none out. Went into the kitchen and came back with a seeded roll, individually wrapped and some butter packs. As they were still doing breakfast stuff, I asked if I could be cheeky and have some bacon on a plate, and she said they’d make it into a bacon roll for me!

Perfect. One hunger crisis solved! And its very tasty, soft and doesn’t shed the seeds everywhere either!

Next time you go in, have a look where they keep the bread rolls by the soups. If there’s one in a plastic packing, that’s the gluten free one! Enjoy!


Big News!!!

Completely aside from the usual things, I had some major news announced officially today!

As part of my university, I took part in a competition to think what it would be like on a cruise, and it has been announced that I won!! So, in just over two weeks, I shall be boarding MSC Preziosa and sampling the delights of the Mediterranean. Up until then, I shall continue to do my normal posts, then have a weeks break, but on return, I shall be able to let you all know how good (or bad) the gluten free stuff is on a cruise!

For the full news article, here is World of Cruising magazine and their press release!

Excuse me whilst I go and squeal loudly in excitement!

Swedish Meatballs and Spaghetti

Pasta was one of the few items I dreaded not having when I switched to gluten free. I love it, and hoped that the alternative was just as nice. Actually it is… although it does take a lot longer to cook than before, but still has that bland taste to it if just eaten plain.

11004406_10153002413193241_305311445_nEnter: Heinz.

They do a wonderful tomato frito sauce, which is quite rich, but can be adapted to many varieties of dishes. Just taking a few minutes to heat in a small saucepan, and its ready to pour over any dish, or add as a direct ingredient to a pasta bake.

The pasta I use came from Costco, but there are plenty of other varieties on the market that work just as well. As for the sauce, Asda (click here)

Now for the meatballs.

11117874_10153002413208241_1570845352_nI have seen these available in most supermarkets in varying degrees of sizes. They are also wonderfully versatile to cook with too! Packed full of flavour they don’t need much adding to them.

For dinner tonight, it was simply meatballs and spaghetti. And it was awesome!